domingo, 31 de janeiro de 2010

Closin' eyes like kissing

__ Sometimes the black box seems smaller than it is, or maybe the world I live is not that wonderful. The characters don’t sparkle that much, and I pray for others coming, more beautiful and more interesting. The feelings arise when night’s up and there’s nobody to hold you up, because you trusted your legs and love’s not welcome. People talk like weak and insecure, trust what they see when everything’s totally negligible. Truths are more beautiful when they’re rare. People are stronger when they don’t do the way you wanted to, because it’s hard dealing with unknown.
__ Nobody’s capable for deciphering eyes. No one’s capable about making heart pulse. My blood throbs and being strong is just not a desperate person talk. There also are arrows which were not gotten back for their archers. And I start seeing future mirrored in monsters I respect… they’re strong, handsome, inhuman…
__ Feeling like a mess have made me angry, and I feel like a god. I’m not afraid anymore, I’m not sad anymore… As much as you got as much as you can lose. And all I wanted doesn’t make any sense anymore. I look at past I and feel sick. My wishes are not the same, my priorities are not the same. And I think it’s time to bawl that I’m tired of keeping appearances, because being a wolf doesn’t hurt me anymore.

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