quinta-feira, 13 de maio de 2010

You'd be in past

I wonder where you are...
and I wonder if you keep doing those things.

Maybe you're more mature than yesterday,
but why does that thing in you still make me think?

I wonder if you still look at the sky,
when my life's such a mess I can't remeber those days.
The sun's shining on your guitar's strings,
just a beautiful day.

It made you just like an ideology.
And no one's never met you before.
Seems like a monster in a box,
bringing insanities out of my core.

My life goes on, and I hope, and hope, so hope...
For once and to you, this piano will play.

The night lights will be falling in love,
when your cigarette secrets get to an end.
You're such a beautiful liar, who has so many pains.
You'll never talk to me truly,
even in front of my eyes...
Maybe you're just a lover, who can't not make me cry.

But there's so many beauties, and there's so many ways...
Can't fight against this feeling in my head...

Why have you just gone away?

quarta-feira, 12 de maio de 2010

Getting back... getting white.

Don't you wanna come with me?, he says.
Don't you wanna feel my bones... on your bones?

And everything seems so unpredictable.

Where are the symbols? Where's the insurance?
... wondering, wondering, wondering.

All the Victorians put your hands up, because this clan's almost over...

... or just getting started.