quinta-feira, 28 de janeiro de 2010

Let's giv'em a prize!

__ My bones are cold, but my flesh so hot. And why do I feel so uncomfortable? I know people change, life changes, but it’s too much I cannot take. I feel so angry inside and alone… it’s just my weakness.
__ Outside I walk and I do some involuntary things I could not do, because I’m just mad about what life is… If there is a God, why is everything so wrong? Why people hurt instead loving? Why do we need to become the same person when God made us so different?
__ I used to love you all, and sure I still do… but I’m starting not to care about it, because I’m tired, because all you can do is not enough to keep me here. And I tried to be patient, I tried to not be mad about… But all I see is blood, nothing but blood… and that’s not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for a home.
__ Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe things are different than I can see… But I’m sick and tired, and day by day things get harder. I just wanted to get sleep with no more nightmares… With no more insane attitudes, with no more offenses. Yeah, maybe I’m wrong, but I need to go, for the best.

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