sábado, 2 de janeiro de 2010

Wrong-wrong Desires

__ Feels so good, but you know that love’s wrong. You give me danger, danger, danger…
__ You and me into a mess, no alcohol, no drugs… god, what’s happening in here? You keep givin’ me, keep givin’ me more, more, more… so I want it all!
__ All that sweat, all your whispers. I'm obsessed with your smell; even try to run two words is what I most want to hear. Obsessed for your pleasure, and it runs away from who I think I am. Now, I’m just standing in here, being licked, my head spinning round, and round, and round…
__ Red dreams inside two little minds, and all that matters I don’t want to see. Sometimes feels like a sin, sometimes I feel like inside a dream. Two in a dark bedroom, oh no, what happening to my cock? or head? whatever!

__ Feels so good, but you know that love’s wrong!

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