terça-feira, 22 de setembro de 2009

My rock'n'roll future love!

__ Then I’m seventeen and you’re a little bit older. I start singing when everyone leaves the house, and get naked to play my guitar for you. You say I am crazy and I kiss you in the mouth. Our relationship is so cool and we’re just two young people doing madnesses to feel the life a little more.

__ The TV is turned on MTV, but we are not watching it. We’re laid down in the bed, just having a nice time together. Our shoes in the floor; an all star and a nike one. Isn’t it so predictable?

__ We’re the half part we were looking for… Just like brothers. We have the same likes. We have the same sight. The world is bow to our souls now. And I say yeah to it. You’ll be the one I’ll love, cos it’s so special I’m supposed to never feel it again in my whole life.

__ Looking the sky. Listening music.
__ Doing what everybody does.
__ Smoking some cigarettes. Drinking some vodka.
__ Loving like everyone does.

__ We might have some travels over the world, and we’ll get a few fights. It might involve some drugs and alcohol. You’ll get angry, I’ll get sexual. It’ll finish in sex, and then we’ll walk on the street and talk about our sexual life, not about relationship, just about the huge plenty of things we wish to do every time we are close.

__ I cannot look the heaven from here now, but I can see how it will be when we are together. The stars shinnig on us, the city lights making we get high! I am writing these words to remember them, and then make this rock’n’roll dream truly reality.

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