domingo, 27 de setembro de 2009

I feeling myself so 2000 Disco!

__ Are we looking like a disunited generation or does the world need some more movement? There’s such a lack of authentic young people, who’s gonna be just a fucking mediocre adult. The teenagers are so little peculiars. So I think we're supposed to be the same person, in the bad meaning, of course. The disco is shaking, and the people breaking down, but everyone’s so… uninteresting.

__ Running away I’ve found some others lost souls, truly more interesting, and have figured out one more power I have; one which’s able to become the people younger, or least make them think it does. It’s called joviality, something totally contagious. And it makes me move my fingers, move my feet, move my body every psycho dance. It makes me live a movie day by day, in a dimension a little longer than the usual and without edition, which maybe I do later, mentally, but that won’t make any difference.

__ I just can’t run away from this theatrical drama. It wants me to make my life goes on, and I keep standing behind the curtains, postponing the impossible. And I think there’s a lot of ‘mes’ in the world. Just hiding all the potential they could show up, cos they say you’re not cool.

It’s all about MONEY, SECCESS, FAME, GLAMOUR! We’re living in the age that these things has been discredited or destroyed. But it’s not like everyone thinks. It’s all about your own life. When you become who you’ve been wanting your whole life.

__ Thinking about it I’m just putting some music and colors where it was in lack. Because everybody wants to live in a stage. And I don't want to be a revolutionary about it.

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