segunda-feira, 21 de setembro de 2009

Gentle boys and girls!

__ I keep talking all about me here, but everything I said was ignored or you ever don’t get it the right way. Y’know, I’m just trying to do more than I could do all my life. And sometimes it makes me think I’m a god, whose world is just supposed to be mine in a few days.
__ Everyone I know, everything I want. It’s just a case of power and authentic personality. I think I’m just a kid, trying to grow up and do everything they say is forbidden. And when they do it, it gets better.
__ I just don’t care what they say. I’m having some fun with my dirty desires. If they call me a dirty one I say I have no fear about the truth. Whether boys or girls, just get it the way I want and the heaven will be yours. I really think no one reads these letters, and if it does won’t be more than one who lives in the backstage of my life.
__ I used to be different in the past, and doesn’t matter if better or worse nowadays. The person who I’m supposed to be is coming closer, so slowly.

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