quarta-feira, 30 de dezembro de 2009

Want your Bad Romance!

__ Most people talking... Everybody screams like everybody loves...__ You are my lover as well as you’re my name. The red rose that's got into red wine. Sometime you made me laugh just to see me cry!
__ Maybe it’s just you and me, perhaps you want somebody else, but all I see is a scared man running away from his truths.
__ Beautiful and white, red mouth and driving desires… Your soul is supposed to be free as well as mine’s supposed to love… SCREAM LITTLE LION, SCREAM!
__ You can put me into this… into this dark dance and make me sweat. Make me the sweat of your dreams, make me sweat my thoughts. Make me feak my feelings just to pretend love. You know what you’re capable for… You’ve got all the intensity.

__ Only red roses on a Bad Romance.

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