quarta-feira, 1 de junho de 2011

Wanna make love to Jesus

Oh, Christ, make me believe in you. 
Make me that man I always wanted to. 
'Cuz I'm not even close of being something perfect. 

You know, I have all the issues, 
and I know people will cry, 
and I know people will be hurt. 
But You gave me that brain, which brought down the rain.

Oh Christ, turn me into something I'll never regret.
'Cuz when I look at the mirror, 
my face seems like no one else can touch it. 
Make me dream that dream you do, 
but don't take away the gift you gave me. 

Oh Christ...
Where are you when I yell?
Where is your blood, if I'm going to hell?

God, please, forgive me when I say...
you never listen to my prayer. 
I know I have all the sins, but God... 

Wanna love you till I'm clean.

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